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In the assessment of patients with sleep disorders, it is essential to obtain objective, accurately measured data on the patient’s daily life.

The recent advent of The Actiwatch and Actigraphy software has made this possible – it is now possible to measure a person’s activity, environmental temperature, light levels, mood state all by means of a device that looks and fits like a wrist watch.

We use Actigraphy in the assessment of patients with Insomnia, Restless Legs Syndrome, Childhood Sleep Disorders, Circadian Rhythm Disorders, ADHD, Mood and Anxiety disorders. The London Sleep Centre offers Actigraphy services to patients and to clinicians.

Home OximetryHome Oximetry:
Recent advances in technology has enabled ease of diagnosis for sleep related breathing disorders such OSA.

By means of a simple device, similar to a wristwatch, patients can be effectively screened for the presence of breathing related sleep disorders.

Ambulatory Sleep Studies:
Respiratory related sleep disorders such as OSA can be now be diagnosed in the comfort of your own home through the use of the Embletta© Portable Diagnostic System (PDS).

TEmbletta© Portable Diagnostic System (PDS).his system uses a pocketsize digital recording device attached to a belt system that the patient wears to bed. This system is fast becoming the Gold Standard in the ambulatory screening for sleep disordered breathing.

Overnight Polysomnography (PSG)
The gold standard diagnostic procedure in Sleep Medicine is the full overnight Polysomnography (PSG). We are the leaders in the provision of overnight PSG through our state-of-the-art Sleep Studies Unit at The Weymouth Street Hospital.

Overnight Polysomnography (PSG)Our expert technicians and nurses observe and analyse these studies that provide information on Brain Activity, Respiratory Function, Muscle Function and a variety of other variables that are essential for the diagnosis of the more complex sleep disorders. PSG is particularly useful for the diagnosis of OSA and Sleep Disordered Breathing, Narcolepsy, Parasomnias, Restless Legs Syndrome and Neurological Disorders such as Epilepsy.