Sleep Disorders

REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder

REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder (RBD) is characterized by vigorous sleep behaviors which may result in repeated injury to oneself or others. These behaviours are often violent and occur during the period of sleep called Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep. Normally during this phase of sleep, we dream and our muscles are usually without any tone. However, in RBD, there is no loss of this muscle tone and patients usually are able to move their bodies and thereby act on their dreams.

REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) is characterized by episodes of vigorous speech or shouting, and violent movement or behaviour. It may cause injury to the self or to the bed partner. Dream recall is vivid and the dream content is often violent. Polysomnography is useful in disclosing the violent episodes occurring only during REM sleep. However, this disorder is often misdiagnosed and has not frequently been reported in the United Kingdom.

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