UK Affiliations

  1. Phoenix Healthcare The London Sleep Centre has established a partnership with Phoenix Healthcare to provide supervision of all Sleep Studies at The Weymouth Street Hospital.The State-of-Art Sleep Testing Facility forms part of the comprehensive sleep assessment and treatment services offered by the London Sleep Centre
  2. The Edinburgh Sleep Centre
  3. Happy Sleepers
    HappySleepers is a team of chartered child psychologists offering expert help and advice on sleep from newborns to teenagers. Their work is based on the latest research in attachment theory, behaviour management, co-sleeping and all facets of parenting and child development.Working in person, on the phone or over the internet, HappySleepers will establish an approach that best complements your parenting philosophy wherever you are in the UK. They take a holistic, empathetic view; and consider wider areas such as behaviour and anxiety, and the importance of the child/parent relationship.HappySleepers offers support to children with special education needs and is dedicated to helping families get some much-needed rest.
    Tel: 07864 750184
    Social: @happysleepersUK &