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Primary Care Sleep Physician

Dr Tony Hughes has 35 years’ experience as an independent sector General Practitioner (GP) and is based at the Princess Grace Hospital, London. He has developed and nurtured his interest in Sleep Medicine over the past decade and has taken the certification in Sleep Medicine through the University of Edinburgh training programme in 2010. He has attended specialist clinics at Guy’s Hospital, London where he undertook further training from 2015 – 2017. He is a member of the Southern Sleep Forum and of the Sleep Medicine Section of The Royal Society of Medicine.

He has a specific interest in Psychological Medicine and Neuroscience and is the co-author (with Stephen Fry) of the book ‘ You don’t have to be Famous to have Manic Depression’, a serious subject treated with humour. He originated and was associate producer on the Emmy award winning TV documentary with Stephen Fry on bipolar illness.

He is Editor of the annual magazine of the IDF (Independent Doctors’ Federation) – a group set up for the promotion of excellence in the independent sector. As a GP he brings a broad perspective to sleep problems.

Dr Hughes has a special interest in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Insomnia, Psychological Aspects of Sleep Disorders and Sleep Apnoea.